5 Little Minimalist Things I do

by Frank Martin

While I’m not particularly interested in full on 100 Things/monk wannabe minimalism I am a bit of a minimalism/simple living geek. There are a lot of examples out there of pretty extreme minimalism (Leo Babauta is probably overkill to most for example). What follows is a list of five little minimalist things I do:

1 No wallet: Well, no traditional wallet. Since my teens I carried a typical leather billfold. At the beginning of this month I emptied it out and started using a money-band. My spine and posture thank me. I can’t carry around all the contents of my at times overstuffed wallet, but do we really need all our credit cards, debit cards and other bits and pieces on a daily basis? This month my standard carry has been my state ID, library card, and some cash.

2 No desktop icons: I took all my icons off my desktop, including my HD and have my computer set so it doesn’t show any removable media like external HDs and DVDs on the desktop. This creates a surprisingly calming mental space. Highly recommended.

3 Simple keyring: I took everything off my keyring except the key to my front door and my copy of my parent’s house key. I had a bunch of the little discount card fobs on there that I wasn’t using anymore, so I got rid of them. If I ever do need them again, I can give most of those places my phone number and they can look it up.

4 No watch: I have a clock on my cellphone so I don’t need it. Its amazing how much lighter not having a hunk of metal strapped to your wrist every day can make you feel.

5 Empty pockets/minimal carry: I have a little basket next to my front door and when I walk in I take everything out of my pockets and leave it in that basket. When I’m going out I grab what I need and leave the rest. Generally I grab my keys, my “wallet” (see above), my cell phone, and a notebook and pen, though I’ve been contemplating getting rid of the journal in favor of just using the notepad applet on my phone.