Morning Musings: Time Travel

by Frank Martin

[Morning Musings are occasional short posts of no more than 250 words meant to inspire. Look for one or two a week.]

Time travel has been a lifelong interest of mine. When I was little I built at least a couple cardboard time machines and played with them for ages. As I got older, I was introduced to Back to the Future and Doctor Who, and love both franchises immensely. If I could I’d jump in the Delorean in a heart-beat, and the idea of tagging along with the Doctor through time and space still sounds attractive.
We really don’t need a Delorean because every single one of us time travels all the time. All of us have, at some point, traveled somewhere only to realize upon arriving that we have no idea how we got from point A to point B. This lack of presence is in a very real sense time travel.
One of the best things we can possibly do for ourselves is learn to stop doing this. The good news? Starting isn’t even remotely as hard as we might think. If we’re walking somewhere, we can choose to turn our iPod off, take the earbuds out, and look around. When we’re talking to someone in the same room, we can turn our cell phone off and not respond to it until the conversation is over. Start meditating, learn to be comfortable just being there with the breath. Stop time traveling and live here and now.