Morning Musings: the Overflowing Cups

by Frank Martin

Take a minute and close your eyes. Imagine a drinking glass, now about a couple thousand more, lined up in rows as far as the eye can see. Add maybe a dozen pitchers of water hovering over them, pouring liquid into the cups, the pitchers constantly jerked from one cup to another. This is, in essence how many people see the world. Scarce resources that we have to compete for for survival, and damn the consequences.
Now imagine the same situation, but each cup has a  pitcher and they’re all overflowing. This, friends, is abundance, and its the way the world can be if we choose.
We’ve been trained to think that there isn’t enough to go around, that we have to push the little guy under the truck if we want to make it in the world, but what if this wasn’t the case? What if instead of scarcity and greed, we chose abundance and gratitude? No pipe dream, I’d argue, but simple reality left unacknowledged.