Friday Faves: Giving Sugar the Boot, Bears, Time, and Friends

by Frank Martin

Its kind of mind-blowing how much of our food has sugar in it. Oh, sure, there’s the obvious stuff: jams/jellies, ice cream, pastries, etc, but its in the last places you’d think to look too: reading ingredients lists I found HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) in Heinz Tomato Ketchup, and pita chips of all things! Fracking pita chips! The funny thing, the more of the sweet stuff I manage to cut from my diet, the better I feel. No idea if its just the placebo effect or not, but either way I like it.

Now onward, to your regularly scheduled selection of awesome collected from around the web over the past few days:

– Though I’ve never really liked hip-hop or rap, I am an unapologetic fan-boy of MC Yogi, a hip-hop artist that blends hip-hop and Hindu devotional music to create some truly beautiful music. Take a minute to listen to one of my absolute favorites: Give Love

– As I said at the top, this month sees the departure of sugar from my diet (though I’ll likely continue using sugar in my coffee after the challenge is over). That said, I’ve enjoyed reading this blog post by Tammy Strobel, and this one by a friend of hers has been really inspiring as well.

In Which That Bear Assures Your Safety Then Freaks You Out Again. I linked to another article from this blog last week, and if you haven’t already, you should definitely subscribe. Its written by a very dear friend of mine, Josh Rivas, one of the pair of geniuses behind the web-comic Massive Pwnage (which, incidentally, you should also check out) and its hilarious.

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