Friday Faves: Livewith Less, Pursue Your Passions. Finally, wikiwalks, and Little Free Libraries

by Frank Martin

Friday Faves is a weekly collection of articles, blog posts, videos and other goodies collected over the course of the week. Thanks to Tammy Strobel over at RowdyKittens for the idea!

Live with Less, Pursue Your Passions. Finally. 

Time to Schedule more Wikiwalks, people… This is a thing? Its called Google guys.

– Have cell phones become an issue at mealtimes? Try a Phone Stack. Bloody brilliant idea if you ask me.

-I’ve been looking for a weekend project for a while now, and I think I found one: Little Free Libraries. Read about this in the paper of all places, while I was visiting my aunt and uncle yesterday.

– Looking for another peek into simple living? Tammy and Logan over at RowdyKittens invited OPB into their home earlier this week. You can check out the interview and some beautiful photography of their tiny home over here.