Friday faves: Leo Babauta interviewed, Screens and the Sedentary Life, and Minimalists Publishing in Print

by Frank Martin

Changes are once again going on at the Mind. I’ve been thinking about what I write here and what I want this place to be, and some changes have sprung from that rumination: First off, you’ll notice there was no Friday Faves last week. Thats mostly because In order to focus more on my own material, I’ve decided to cut back and make FF a monthly feature instead of weekly. Starting with this post FF will be appearing on the last Friday of every month. Also, I’m splitting off Grab Bag onto its own blog, likely just called “Grab Bag” or “Party Favors,” but name suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Now, without further ado, on to the links!

– Check out this video interview with the grandmaster of Simplicity, Leo. Not really much new for people who have been reading ZenHabits and mnmlist, but still worth watching.

-Speaking of Leo, he’s had some great posts this past month. My favorites include Limit Screen Time, Limit Sitting, Simplify, and Why Killing Time isn’t a Sin and the 7-Step Write a Book Fast Program (with as much trouble as I’ve been having getting my butt in the chair and writing recently, I might just give this a go) from ZenHabits, as well as the Minimalism of not Knowing on mnmlist.

Why we should all spend less time in front of screens

– Looks like Josh and Ryan over at the minimalists are releasing a print edition of their newest non-fiction book Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life! Do I already have the Kindle edition? Um, yeah! am I going to buy the print edition anyway? You really have to ask? YES!