Friday Faves: How to be a Minimalist, Tiny House Teen, and the Price of Happiness

by Frank Martin

Friday Faves is a weekly round up of posts, videos, and other goodies I’ve found during the week. Thank you Tammy Strobel for the idea!

-I’ve been reading the blog Minimalist Living for a while now, and really enjoy it. Mr Lowe is nowhere near internet famous, but he still writes good stuff, and is well worth reading. His latest post How to be a Minimalist, along with the archives, are worth checking out.

-Want proof that not all teens aren’t raging materialists? Check this kid out. Have I mentioned before that I love tiny houses?

See, Be, Do This is a guest post by Tammy Strobel where she talks about her perspective on personal developement.

Love this comic about happiness

Earlier this week, my all-time favorite simplicity blogger, Mrs Tammy Strobel, released her first print book (though not her first book in general), and for those of us unlucky enough to be unable to get to California or Oregon for her tiny book tour, she’s doing a blog tour! Check out some of my favorite posts from that tour, listed below, or head over to the whole list and read/watch them all!

Rethinking Normal on Tiny r(E)volution (an excerpt from the book)

Time is the Only Real Wealth a guest post and excerpt from the book

My Creative Life: Tammy Strobel I like this one because it covers more than just the book, giving some insight into how Tammy and Logan got started, what a typical day is like, some insight into her personality and what inspires her, and her approach to simplicity, which I find really attractive and realistic.

You Can Buy Happiness: an Interview with Tammy Strobel is another great interview that gives some insight into how to manage living in a tiny house while maintaining a relationship, a bit more personality insight, and a second book excerpt.

Tiny r(E)volution interview with Tammy Strobel A great audio interview.

You Can Buy Happiness (And It’s Cheap) Tammy Strobel’s New Book Hits the Bookstores Today A great review of YCBH that goes for contemplating why the book and website are so popular over doing a pure point by point analysis.

Also, keep your eyeballs on Shelf of Wonders, my new book blog. I’ll be posting a review of You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap) very soon! Have a great weekend everyone!