Inspiring Reads for Your Weekend

by Frank Martin

(Every week I publish a collection of inspiring articles, videos, and other goodies. Enjoy! And thank You to Tammy Strobel over at RowdyKittens for the idea!)


Last year two of my favorite bloggers started a little project called Your Lovely Life as a place to collect, as the tag says “Simple Lessons of Joy, Beauty, and Gratitude.” The site is a collection of delicious recipes, book recommendations, quotes, and all sorts of other goodies. They recently reworked it into more of a blog format, and you can check it out here. Some great reading. Definitely worth a bookmark and return visits.


Woodshedding and the Pseudo-Thoreau Thing


Brene Brown Discusses the Price of Invulnerability in an amazing TED talk


Unschooling on Zenhabits


A stranger entered the Pre-K for 90 seconds! The school’s reaction and one parent’s awesome level headed response. Remember way back when I wrote this post? Yeah, the school’s reaction is exactly the sort of insanity I was talking about.


Game of Thrones Converse


Junk Food Feed. Because replacing something that cows already can’t digest with something even worse was definitely the best solution.


Choose Tight-knit Communities over Luxury Housing Developments


Reasons I Love Fall