7 Day Vegan Challenge, Day 1

by Frank Martin

Today marks the first day of my 7 Day Vegan Challenge. The challenge was created by Leo Babauta of Zenhabits fame, and one of my all time favorite bloggers. In essence, the challenge involves eating a vegan diet for seven days, possibly doing some research, and writing about your experiences. If you’d like to join me in this endeavor, check out the website: http://7dayvegan.com/ .

For me this isn’t quite as much of a challenge as it might be for others. I already ate a mostly vegetarian verging on vegan diet anyway, and I’m not going hardcore vegan this week either. I’m not eating meat, or dairy of any kind, but if some trace amount of dairy happens to be in something I eat, it won’t disqualify it, which brings me to how things are going thus far. I just got back from yoga teacher training, and every Monday we have a vegetarian potluck lunch. I didn’t have much of a problem, except for the coleslaw someone brought. Peaked at the ingredients, looked fine, right up until “may contain trace amounts of egg.” Ah well, see above comment about not being bothered by trace ingredients. Breakfast was a bowl of store brand corn puff cereal and almond milk, and a cup of coffee. Finishing off leftovers from Mother’s Day dim sum and having some vegetable sushi for snack, and not sure what dinner will be just yet.