7 Day Vegan Challenge: Days 3&4

by Frank Martin

Not much new to report. Things have been going along smoothly, though I can see going vegan for seven days being hugely difficult for someone who eats the standard american diet (ie lots of meat and dairy, minimal plant foods, and lots of processed food, whether fast food or prepared stuff from the grocery store). Given, I am guilty of the last aspect of that, and still am. I generally eat prepepared food for one meal a day, the major difference being I know what everything on the ingredients is without borrowing any textbooks from the science majors I knew in college. All this is not to say I don’t miss stuff like cookies (I’ve had a couple since Monday, and honestly, vegan baked goods are pretty good in my experience), or eggs, or bacon for that matter. But I think at some point we have to ask ourselves whether our health is really that important to us, if the suffering of other beings is really less important than not having something that isn’t absolutely necessary to our diet. If you haven’t already, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at some of the scientific work done on the effects of diet on the human body. One of my favorites is T Colin Campbell’s China Study, but its not the easiest book to read.