7 Day Vegan Challenge: Days 5-7

by Frank Martin

Yesterday was my dad and aunt’s birthday, and I made an exception: BBQ chicken and good French bread will do that for you. Still, other than that, all has gone to plan. No animal products, dairy, or wheat (I’m gluten sensitive, so I eat wheat, but limit how much I eat). Tonight, the last night of my seven days, my mom is making the fried rice she’s taken to cooking weekly (and gotten quite good I might add), and for this one time, I’m going to be taking a pass on the shrimp that generally goes in it.


Were I going to stay completely vegan (and I plan to do another seven days, if not longer, maybe semi-permanently, once I’m in my own place) I’d do a couple things I didin’t do this week: 1: More research: I read a couple books on vegan diets a while back, including Prevent & Cure Heart Disease, the Engine 2 Diet, and the China Study, all three of which I could stand to revisit. I’d also take a look at some of the resources on the seven day vegan challenge site, and invest some serious time into learning how to balance a vegan diet. 2: Invest in Vegan Multivitamins: There are, sadly, some vitamins/minerals/etc, that you need to be healthy that aren’t easily found in plant foods. I know that Leo Babauta takes a multi, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most other vegans who pay attention to their diet do as well. In a perfect world I’d prefer to figure out how to get everything I need through diet, but I like having a safety net. 3: Seafood: I live in the northwest, so I dont’ think I could completely cut seafood from my diet. I’d probably still have at least salmon off and on, but when I did I’d shell out the money for wild. I know what goes into farm raised, and its almost as bad as feedlot beef if not worse.