the Joys of Minimalist Travel

by Frank Martin

I’m coming up on travel season it seems. This weekend I’m headed to Portland Oregon for the weekend to visit some college friends, and in a month or two I’ll be making that trip again to go to a geek convention in Vancouver. Normally I only use about a third of the stuff I pack, so I’m going minimalist when packing this time. My train carry-on will look something like this:


Messenger bag:

-green t-shirt




-pajama pants

-laptop & charger

-cell phone charger

-a book


I’ll also be wearing a t-shirt, jeans or shorts, the obvious bits, and a pair of sneakers, as well as carrying my smartphone, which has the Kindle app installed on it, and my wallet. This time I’m leaving the Dopp kit at home. I know I can get a toothbrush and paste as well as other necessities once I get to Portland. Obviously I wouldn’t do this if I traveled all the time, but for the handful of times I do every year, its worth it to me to cut down on the stuff I have to pack.

For the three to five day excursion that will be the geek convention, I’ll be adding another two pairs of underwear, and two more t-shirts to the mix, but thats about it. I’ll likely take a backpack as well to carry snacks, water, and anything I buy at the convention, though I don’t plan to spend much money there beyond food.