Minimalist Travel Revisited

by Frank Martin

Here I am on Sunday morning, about to head back to Seattle after visiting with friends, most of whom I haven’t seen in two years. The trip has gone well, other than getting lost trying to find the restaurant last night, but thats neither here nor there. This trip has proven one thing to me if nothing else: You will ALWAYS pack more than you use. I brought a yoga mat intending to practice yesterday and this morning. Never unrolled it once. Brought a wind breaker and never wore it, as its been absolutely beautiful all weekend. On the upside, not dragging a suitcase around made the train a lot easier as I could just lean my yoga mat against the seat and have my pack at my feet instead of trying to find some place to stow things in the overhead storage or at the end of the car. If nothing else, life, and minimalism, are  a learning process, and I love it more and more.