the Problem of the Modern Bedroom

by Frank Martin

Culturally, we seem to have forgotten, but bedrooms really have two functions, and neither of those involves screens.

Of course, for most of us screens have invaded our bedrooms just like every other area of our lives. For a while now, I’ve caught myself on the computer late at night, doing what amounts to nothing of real importance. To address this issue, I’d like to propose a change: Reclaim the bedroom as a place of rest and sanctuary from the constant busyness. Take any screens and get them out.

I’m taking my laptop out of my bedroom for at least the next week, and setting it to shut down automatically at 7pm to give myself some tech free time before bed. I’ll also be implementing a morning and evening routine, which I’ll address in a future post. Feel free to join me if you’re feeling similarly stressed and sleep deprived.