Routines III: Conclusion

by Frank Martin

This is part III of a three part series. Part I can be found over here, and part two is here.

A simple morning and evening routine can be a great way to bookend the day. Especially in a time when its so easy to stay up at all hours and sleep through the morning, a morning and evening routine can bookend the day and get us ready to accomplish something meaningful the next, whether thats writing a blog post, filling out job applications, or chores around the house.

Morning routines don’t have to be overly complicated. Three to five activities is plenty, and they should be both things you enjoy and that prepare you for the day. I find yoga and meditation first thing creates a sense of calm focus, reading is something I enjoy doing, and getting some writing in means I’ve knocked something off my to-do list before the day has really even begun. A walk afterwards acts as a great segway to both break from and get ready for the rest of my day. My routine is a balance of relaxed enjoyment and productivity that I find invigorating

An evening routine should, in a perfect world, be even simplor: For me, I do some cursory cleanup, create my to-do list and lay out my clothes for the next day, and spend some time reading before bed. This both acts as preparation for the next day, and winding down from the one thats just ended, which together with reflection is the purpose of an evening routine.