Cheat Codes for Life

by Frank Martin

After reading the posts from Oliver Emberton in last week’s Friday Faves, I started thinking about how the idea might be taken further. What if there were cheat codes in real life like there are in video games? A cheat code is something that unlocks a feature that wasn’t intended to released, or exploits some aspect of  a game’s programming, so there wouldn’t be a direct equivalency, but there are things we can do that have a similar effect. Below I’ve listed a couple minimalism flavored cheat codes for our real lives. I’ve included possible effects with each. Feel free to  wander on down to the comments and suggest more:

333: Limit your entire wardrobe to 33 items for three months. While I’ve not done this officially, I have been drastically reducing the number of clothes in my closet, and I find its rather enjoyaable. You end up wearing the clothes you like most more often, and I have yet to experience someone asking why I wear the same clothes all the time.

Result: More confidence, less stress, more time

100 Thing Challenge: What would you take if your house was on fire? If you had to move house in the family car, what would you take? Try making a list of 100 items (or 15o, or 50, or 43, the limit is kind of arbitrary) and whittle everything down to just whats on that list. We have a tendency to collect stuff, but we forget that stuff isn’t what makes us happy. Limiting stuff can help us remember what is.

Result: Less stress, more clarity, less stuff, more time

Priorities: What is most important to you really? Make a list of the 3-5 most important, and work toward focusing on those things.

Result: Less stress, more clarity, more time