Friday Faves: from Reading like you Breathe to the Winston Churchill School of Adulthood

by Frank Martin

(Every Friday I post a couple links to cool articles and other things I’ve found online recently)

-I love to read as anyone who knows me will tell you. In college my friends made fun of me for it, and I even walked into a telephone pole one time because I was so involved in the book I was reading. That said, I’m always looking for ways to read more, a lot more, and Ryan Holiday certainly does that. Also be sure to check out his article on How to Read to Lead. (aka how to read books above your level).

-Also check out How and Why to keep a Commonplace Book This is one project I’ve been meaning to take on for a while, and reading this article finally got me to do it.

Don’t know what a commonplace book is? Check out this article on Self Made Scholar for a definition and alternate (more traditional) take on a commonplace book. Sadly SMS doesn’t seem to have had any new posts since 2010, but whats there is a goldmine.

-Speaking of reading, take a peek at this article over on Zenhabits for more on how to read more, and this one over on Austin Kleon’s blog. Be sure to head over here to get an awesome phone lock screen background to remind you to read a book instead.

3 Books you Absolutely Must Read Next (This) Year I’ve already read in the Heart of the Sea, and can’t wait for the movie.

– I’m a bit of a Winston Churchill fan, and one of my favorite blogs has been doing a neat series on him called the Winston Churchill School of Adulthood Click the link for the first article in the series and go here for the most recent one.