5 Tips to Make Life Easier

by Frank Martin

With all the health and well-being advice floating around, sometimes it can be hard to know what to do, and who to trust. If we took a minute to stop and think, however, there are a couple things I think we all know on some level we need to do to live better, healthier lives.

5 Simple Things to Make Life Easier:

  1. Get more sleep: Granted, getting too much sleep can actually be bad for you too, but let’s get real, how many people actually get more than eight hours?

  2. Turn off the news: The news really doesn’t have anything to do with keeping us informed anymore. Everyone from CNN to Fox airs the stories they do because thats what draws viewers. The doom and gloom has the unfortunate side-effect of twisting your world view in some pretty horrific ways. You’ll do yourself a huge favor by not exposing yourself to it. If you absolutely have to watch something, tune into your local nightly news broadcast, which tends to be not so negative and might actually be useful.

  3. Drink more water: Like sleep, most of us are actually walking around partially dehydrated. The human body is something like 70% water. Just about any process that takes place in the human body requires water. Most foods we eat are part water but not near enough to replenish the water lost through digestion, sweat, etc. Shoot for 4–6 32oz bottles of water a day (protip: invest in a good metal, glass, or BPA-free water bottle and memorise the locations of bathrooms in areas you frequent.) This is a lot of water, yes, but if you’re used to feeling sluggish, once you start keeping yourself hydrated, you’ll notice a definite difference.

  4. Get regular exercise: Having trouble getting to bed before midnight? Most of us are WAY too sedentary for our own good, myself included at times. This doesn’t have to be at the gym or necessarily “exercise” either. If you’re on a call, get up and walk a bit, start a body weight exercise routine in the morning get active in whatever way you can. The key here is to get outside. The body’s circadian, or sleep/awake rhythms are regulated by exposure to sunlight. Getting outside a couple times a day however you can will help regulate these rhythms.

  5. Clean up your diet: Seems there’s more and more evidence, both scientific and otherwise, that the Standard American Diet of fast food, tons of meat, soda and sweets is deadly. Going vegan isn’t necessary, but prioritise food in your budget, up the amount of leafy greens and fruits and veggies you eat, eat less meat, and feel the difference.

None of these tips rely on trusting scientific evidence. Anyone that does any one of these things will start to feel the difference for themselves. We overcomplicate everything so much these days that sometimes we forget there are plenty of simple, straightforward ways to improve our lives.