my December goals

by Frank Martin

November has been relatively low key all things considered. No major catastrophes or much special. Let go of a couple more books and going to finally get rid of two bags stuffed with old clothes later this week. My paternal aunt and uncle are out of town for Thanksgiving so we’re having Thanksgiving by our lonesome (my parents, brother, and myself). I’ve pretty much made the switch to veganism, but still dip into vegetarianism once in a while, and for the sake of making things easier on everybody involved, I’ll be doing Thanksgiving vegetarian style this year. Before going on to my December goals, let’s revisit my November goals:

November goals

1 Limit screen time This one was rough. I freely admit to being a screen addict so the beginning and middle of the month didn’t see much screen limitation. Except for a few slips this has improved, but could still use some work.

2 Floss Flossing was an on-again-off-again habit this month. I definitely flossed more than I have in a LONG time (couple times a week every week) but never managed to do my whole mouth. This also hurts A LOT if you haven’t been doing it regularly, which hasn’t exactly helped.

3 Yoga This one saw a lot of improvement. I got to 3-5 classes a week and I’ve started practicing on my own a couple times a week as well. Meditation has been something I’ve loved since high school but has gone by the wayside for a long time. Getting back to it felt amazing (I’ll post about this at some point, but if you want to give it a shot, try five minutes, but push longer asap. The real magic doesn’t happen til your ego starts resisting). Pranayama has been a great in-bed-before-sleep activity (if you have problems sleeping, give this a shot: count the number of seconds your in breath and out breath each take, and slowly lengthen both, or the exhale). I’ve also been revisiting a book I love called “the Yamas & Niyamas” which I HIGHLY recommend. If you already have a āsana practice and have tried meditation, this is a great place to go next. I was intentionally skipping a āsana class Monday mornings taught by a teacher I don’t like, but I’m seriously considering starting to go again. We can learn a lot from teachers we like, but sometimes we can learn just as much or more from teachers we don’t quite click with.

December Goals

1 Buy nothing new With my efforts to pay off some consumer debt, this seems like a good idea. not to mention my NEW book habit. The one exception I’m making is the one or two Christmas presents I still need to buy (yes, I Christmas shop before December, shoot me), and a copy of Sri BKS Iyengar’s commentary on the Yoga Sutras. (I’m exempting necessities (obviously) as well as a weekly Americano I have when visiting with an old friend of mine.)

2 At least 10k steps a day I usually walk a lot (think 10k steps a day easy) but this has been sliding lately (hmm, could my screen addiction be playing into this?). In December, I’ll be pushing myself to not just hit 10k, but go past it every day.

3 (Social) Media detox Last month started out with taking a shot at the [Media Detox]( from the [Blissful Mind]( and failed horribly. This month I’ll be taking another shot and continuing throughout the month. With the insanity particular to December/Christmas time in the US, this seems like a particularly apt time to do this sort of thing.

Looking for goals/habits to try this next month? Take a peek at [this]( post for ideas. In future, I’ll be shooting for 1 each in terms of mind/body/soul goals. What are your goals for this next month? Do you do media fasts in December?