What is the Modern Monkey Mind?

Hey, my name is Frank and I;m a minimalist and a yoga teacher. When I’m not teaching, studying, or practicing yoga you can usually find me taking a walk, or taking a nap with my cat, Coco.

When I first discovered minimalism in college I was intrigued by the idea of owning less. I have worked ever since to learn more about a simple lifestyle and I have learned that minimalism and simple living is much more than just owning less stuff. Without an organizing focus, it’s more harmful than beneficial. For me the practice of minimalism/simple living comes out of my love of yoga, specifically a couple of the Yamas and Niyamas, the basic guiding principles that form the foundation of yoga practice.

I live in Seattle, Washington and teach at the Recovery Cafe, an addiction recovery program in downtown, which also hosts the program that certified me. I’m not an addict, recovered or otherwise, but for me, yoga is a powerfully transformative practice. I’ve seen its effect on drug addicts and drunks, as well as myself. I grew up with some severe physical impairments and its helped overcome these issues, as well as recover from a back injury inflicted in a car accident earlier this year. I love teaching at the café because for the people who take my classes yoga is transformative, its a tool that’s in some cases saved their lives and helped them get back on track, not just a good form of exercise.

I started this blog to write about my discoveries about simple living and yoga, to share with others who are on this path. I write about simplifying our lives, not just our physical possessions, and bringing yoga practice fully into our lives as a force for transformation, not just to get in shape.


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TL;DR: What is the Modern Monkey Mind?

It’s a blog by Frank, a minimalist yogi.

It’s about minimalism as a way of life, not just the shedding of stuff,

It’s about how yoga practice can enrich and transform anyone’s life.